For You

Since weíve never met in person I know it is hard for me to tell you things and truly believe them because you have been hurt before but I completely understand because I have been so many times before. Maybe just maybe I can write this since writing has always been easier for me to express my feelings because I want you to know just what you mean to me and how there is nothing that could ever make me leave you.

I know we both werenít looking for anyone especially on twitter but for some reason or another I was drawn to you. I canít recall the first time I even spoke to you or how my feelings changed but I am glad they did. My knack for reading people drew me to you. I could feel that there was something missing in you something that needed to be filled and when I did ask Rini about it she told me that you hadnít had the best life. She never went into specific details but I somehow knew what you were missing had to do with me.

Mind you I still didnít think Iíd feel this way. I really honestly thought that I could be a really great friend to you and encourage you in whatever I could. The day I knew you were upset and I told you to DM me I could read there was something wrong. I was attempting to reach out to let you know I was there and you did tell me.

Though now maybe you fail to understand that I have never felt like this about anyone. Sure Iíve thought Iíve been in love before but Iíve never felt like this. Iíve never felt this close to someone who is hundreds of miles away from me. Iíve never felt this complete and this happy. Iíve never thought about marrying anyone or having children with them. Those are things Iíve only ever thought about until now. I never thought Iíd get married or want to have my own children. I always thought Iíd walk across this earth for the rest of my life alone.

When I realized my feelings had changed and I told Rini she was surprised. I donít even know why I fell for you to begin with. I do think though that it was my knack of being able to read people. I can see what is going on inside someone even if they are putting up a front to hide it, well sometimes. When I told you I liked you I really never expected you to reciprocate those feelings to me. To this day I am not sure why I did even though I am pretty sure that if I remember correctly that Rini pushed me to tell you but she will probably never admit to it.

I have to say once I told her that I liked you she was big on pushing me. She told me you told her that you liked me and that when she mentioned me to you your face lit up and once she told me that I had to tell you. When you walked away I thought I had lost you completely and Rini told me you werenít running away from me you were running away from how you felt. Still I felt it was me and that was why I Dmed you to forget it but when you got back you told me not to and that lead us all here.

There will never be anyone that can replace you. I am always going to be here by your side loving you. Knowing you feel the same about me makes the sky so much bluer, the grass greener and the breeze that much gentler. You complete me in more ways than I can ever tell you and even if there are still hundreds of miles between us our hearts are still one and always will be until the end of time. I love you and I needed you to understand that and I hope you do.

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