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© August 25, 2010
This is a fan site dedicated to one of the most talented, underrated wrestlers we've ever had the pleasure of watching ~ GOLDUST. This page is a labor of love, and a way for us to give back. No matter what his incarnation/gimmick was, he has always performed with passion & panache. Giving his fans nothing less than his very best. Asking nothing in return. He is always gracious when signing autographs, tweets to all his fans, daily, and is generally a wonderful person as well. For some of us who have watched him for years, he's become part of our "family". As many wrestlers do when we allow them, via TV, to enter our homes every week.
We felt this was the best way to show him just how much he is appreciated.
This space was going to be a bio, but my feeling is why when you can find all that information elsewhere on the web, and more accurate information in his autobiography Cross Rhodes? I would much rather this be a tribute to him, by his fans. He's not like anyone else, why should his site be?
So Goldust, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the years you have spent entertaining us. I'm sure I speak for all of Team Goldie when I say that we love you!
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