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  • --walks around with unlit cigarette hanging off of her lip=dunzo
  • --thinks someone who takes them out to arby's for dinner is taking them to a nice dinner=dunzo
  • --bad breath=dunzo
  • --always wears high heels, and has them scattered around her apartment like she threw them off when she got home plastered from the night before=dunzo
  • --has dustballs floating around her apartment=dunzo
  • --thinks raspberry smirnoff ice is the best alcoholic drink known to man=dunzo
  • --drinks not for fun, but to get shit faced sloppy ass drunk=dunzo
  • --drives to your house in under 5 minutes at 2 AM because your friend IMed her as you=dunzo
  • --drives some sort of cheap, but sporty looking car=dunzo
  • --refuses to let you wear protection=dunzo (and what the hell, you freakin girls are completely nuts, does ANYONE want to use protection anymore these days??!!)
  • --has hooked up with mulitple people in your circle of friends=dunzo
  • --uses makeup not to complement her face, but more as a mask=dunzo
  • --only has VHS tapes, no DVD's....and the VHS tapes are instructional yoga tapes=dunzo
  • --rides around on a broomstick and wears only black clothes and makeup=dunzo
  • --expresses her 'true' feelings for you after 2 days of dating=dunzo
  • --drives FASTER, and more out of control when drunk=dunzo
  • --ate 2 pretzels, a 1/4 of an apple, and a peanut yesterday=dunzo

Dunzo Qualifications

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