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  • --enjoys living in the middle of the woods in a haunted church=dunzo
  • --eats dinner regularly at 4 PM, no exceptions whatsoever=dunzo
  • --her toilet looks like the toilet at your old, hole in wall, crappy college bar=dunzo
  • --instead of having kleenex, she tells you to go use toilet paper=dunzo
  • --has 12 kinds of zit treatment medication in her medicine cabinet=dunzo
  • --gives you the closed mouth, half second, forced smile when you see her=dunzo
  • --goes to bed at 7 PM every night=dunzo
  • --instead of viewing coakroaches as having a dirty place, feels at home, and comfortable with the roaches, almost like you would with a nice furry bunny!!=dunzo
  • --tells you her biggest goal in life is to get married=dunzo
  • --does not have a tv=dunzo
  • --wears sweat pants for an entire day at least 3 days a week=dunzo
  • --smoked a pack of cigarettes in her apartment yesterday=dunzo
  • --the most she ever gets dressed up is for her trips to Wal Mart=dunzo
  • --went to taco bell 6 times last week=dunzo
  • --when you tell them 'i like you as a person' she thinks it's a great compliment=dunzo
  • --her apartment usually smells like cheap perfume, cigarette smoke, and macaroni=dunzo
  • --calls in sick for work anytime sally jessy raphael is having a marathon=dunzo

Dunzo Qualifications

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