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  • --never graduated college yet CONSTANTLY complains that she doesn't make enough..dunzo
  • --enrolled in beauty school twice, only to drop out a few weeks later each time because the teacher was mean and then sues the school because she 'didn't learn anything'=dunzo
  • --lives at home with her parents=dunzo
  • --regularly gambles on the 'horses'=dunzo
  • --feels that having 3 beers in one night doesn't qualify as drinking=dunzo
  • --wears a pink derek jeter shirt=dunzo
  • --goes to the dollar store more than once a week=dunzo
  • --thinks the nark has a great sense of humor=dunzo
  • --has never seen 'a christmas story' and refuses to watch it because it's 'old'=dunzo
  • --purposely parks her car next to you at work multiple days in a row in hopes that you'll think about her=dunzo
  • --feels inferior to her older sister, who also has no confidence or self esteem=dunzo
  • --sleeps past noon on weekends(this isn't college sweetie)=dunzo
  • --shows up to the bar completely 'baked'=dunzo
  • --complains about a female co-worker who doesn't 'respect' her=dunzo
  • --sends text messages that only say 'thinking of you' mulitple times per day after a week of dating=dunzo
  • --sends text messages saying 'smile, someone is thinking about you'=dunzo

Dunzo Qualifications

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