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  • --you look at your missed calls and see 5 missed calls from her in the past 10 minutes=dunzo
  • --her cat always gets on the bed and starts sniffing and tickling you when you're getting it on=dunzo
  • --reguarly makes out with her 40 yr old girlfriend at the bar and doesn't find it weird, not even in front of someone she's dating=dunzo
  • --her best friends are: a 40 yr old woman with 4 kids, a 54 yr old guy who got fired for sexual harrasment and stalking, and a 33 yr old garbage woman=dunzo
  • --only hooks up with 'townies' and ex boyfriends=dunzo
  • --her way of hinting about hooking up is 'hey, i was kind of thinking about later on tonight and i kind of feel like I hope you take control of the situation'=dunzo
  • --asks you if roger clemens is a congressman=dunzo
  • --her mom gives her a bottle of wine to bring over in hopes that her daughter 'gets some'=dunzo
  • --shows up uninvited to the bar to spy on me and then acts all surprised when she runs into me=dunzo
  • --She changes her name from something like Kelly to Kelli, because it is cuter =dunzo
  • --has every CD from the winners of 'American Idol'=dunzo
  • --her ringtone is James Blunt's "you're beautiful" and when it rings she says 'im beautiful!!'=dunzo!!!
  • --says you can't kill a spider because if you do it'll rain for 3 days = dunzo

Dunzo Qualifications

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