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Copyright © Juliann Scarfo 2006 - 2007

Welcome all to theorginaldunzo.com. The site is owned and operated by a Dunzo who is for the Dunzos of the world, stands by the Dunzos of the world and is accepting Dunzo positions.

The Dunzomaster, here at theorginaldunzo.com, has brought you this site for entertainment purposes and also to bring her talent for web design forward. If you are interested please do not hesitate to visit the webmaster info page to get in contact with her.

This site is not meant to offend anyone. It was an idea that came forward when I had to make a final site for my Web Design III class. This is what came out of my imagination and photoshop.

March 8, 2008

Finished some sites recently! A Fan Site for Danny Noriega and a site for me and Rox which can be find at either thisishowidisappear.com or sharpestlives.com.

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