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So, you wanna know where Dunzo came from? A friend of mine and his friends decided that all women are Dunzos. In the mean time, they have even come up with a list of what qualifies you as a dunzo. For entertainment purposes...go ahead read the list of qualifications, but if you are a female you already are a Dunzo. Each and every women has done something at one time in their life that will qualify them as a Dunzo. So, I have taken this opportunity to make myself the original Dunzo. Why you might ask? Simply because someone might as well claim that spot, so here I am.

Don't be alarmed ladies. All those men out there they have thier own categories also. It's called Clynzo! Soon there will be a link to that page including all the Clynzo qualifications!

Not only are we at theoriginaldunzo.com but you can also find us at theoriginaldunzo.net!

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